Our Kitchen

Pasta Runs in Our Family

 Executive Chef

Elderin Berisha

From an early age, I started working as a waiter in the family business. A few years later, I was motivated to learn more about the restaurant business, so I stepped into the kitchen. With no knowledge of how to cook, I watched my family members work wonders in the kitchen. After a few months, I learned all recipes and styles of cooking. Now that I knew all the ins and outs of the restaurant industry, I felt ready to take on a new journey and start something of my own, of course with the help of family. A quote that I live by and motivates me to continue this adventure is, if you are a chef, no matter how great of a chef you are, its not good cooking for yourself, the joy is cooking for others and seeing their excitement.

"Al Dente makes you smile"

Lemon Marscapone